Engagement Process

  • Opportunity Identification

    Every engagement begins with a comprehensive review and The Crito Group offers two types of reviews based on the timelines, objectives and budget of our clients. We are an implementation-focused firm and believe these reviews should be completed as quickly as possible with as little interruption of the client’s current operations while also providing clearly quantifiable and prioritized opportunities based on potential net revenue and cash flow impact.

    The Crito Group offers two types of Diagnostic Reviews:

    • High Level Assessment . The first is a streamlined high level review focused on quantifying opportunity identification. In these engagements the focus is on the size of the opportunities rather causal factor identification.
    • Detailed Diagnostic Review. The second review is our detailed revenue cycle review. This review is used to determine appropriate operational corrections for improved financial outcomes across the revenue cycle. The detailed review identifies the causal reasons for sub-optimal performance in addition to the financial opportunity. This review also allows for detailed recommendations for implementing appropriate changes
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  • Process Redesign

    Process Redesign is the first stage in the continuous performance optimization process. We begin by modeling the most effective way to realize the specific revenue opportunities identified in the assessment.

    The Crito Group will develop detailed operational maps documenting process, workflow and information management activities for each of the following functional areas:

    The Crito Group will then provide future state operational opportunities by clearly defining functional draft process maps so that all individuals and technologies that play a role in the workflow will have a clearer designation and understanding of the rules, responsibilities and purpose of the process once it is implemented. During this effort, we also apply our operational and technical expertise for your specific environment in order to ensure the new process is achievable.

  • Implementation and Monitoring

    The Crito Group is an implementation-focused firm. We believe that a successful operational optimization project must have a team dedicated to the implementation process. Too many well-intended improvement plans never make it off the shelf and into practice.

    Our implementation methodology has been developed to ensure that solutions improve our clients’ net revenue and cash flow and leave their staff with the tools and training to continue to improve long after we have left.

    Implementation of process changes is streamlined through the use of business process management and performance monitoring tools. These flexible tool sets allow for rapid implementation, automation and management of new workflows.

    This implementation phase includes three important steps: planning, design, and implementation.

    Planning is critical for successful implementation. The Crito Group focuses on five critical components of planning:

    • Collaboration with the client
    • Identification of work steps
    • Identification of resources
    • Development of a work plan, timeline and goals
    • Development of revenue goals

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