Business Process Management

The Crito Group utilizes business process management (BPM) technology to bring innovative solutions to a broad range of common problems faced by healthcare providers. With limited IT budgets and resources hospitals are unlikely to invest in the dozens of point solutions that are on the market to address a single process within the revenue cycle. By effectively implementing BPM we are able to leverage hospitals’ core systems and adding an overarching workflow capability that can automate key areas such as Pre-Registration, Denial Management, Account Follow-Up, and CDM maintenance, just to name a few common uses. Once a BPM project is initiated the flexible capabilities of the tools become apparent to our clients and The Crito Group expands the use beyond revenue focused activities into operational efficiency opportunities to reduce costs across the hospital clinical, supply chain and business office.


. Automate as Much as Possible
. Reduce Errors
. Drive out Inefficiencies

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