Engagement Process

  • Diagnostic Assessment

    The Crito Group is an implementation-focused firm that believes these reviews should be completed as quickly as possible so that we can provide clearly quantified and prioritized opportunities based on current capabilities and potential improvement opportunities. In many cases, organizations will look to new software solutions when the right tools are already in place. Millions of dollars a year in perfectly functional, useful software goes unused by organizations because of lack of training, implementation expertise, or employee knowledge turnover. At Crito, we believe the first step is to analyze the business needs and try and map the existing solution to the problem. In many cases, a simple upgrade to existing software along with some implementation expertise and training is all that is needed. This often turns out to be the fastest and most cost-effective solution available.

    When the solutions in place are not up to the task, organizations too often get sold on a range of unimportant functionality with little understanding of the long-term cost in training, infrastructure and administration that will be required to support the proposed solution. Our goal is to help organizations apply the right technology to the problem. Our methodology is designed to ensure the business requirements — all of them — are taken into account and addressed by any proposed solution.

  • Redesign

    Management Reporting Capabilities Redesign is the first stage in the continuous performance optimization process. We begin aligning business intelligence capabilities with the business objectives identified in our assessment.

  • Implementation

    Creating Information Delivery Pathway

    Data Layer

    • Data capture should be performed in the same way, with the same timing for every time period (day, week, month, etc.).
    • Business rules should be developed prior to data capture to ensure data received is modeled and analyzed in a consistent manner by all users.
    • Data capture work processes and system generation needs to follow a well documented methodology every time.
    • New data capture processes should follow the same methodology as appropriate for available data sources.
    • ALL data capture activities should be 100% automated.
    • All data should be automatically balanced and verified against expected and confirmed values. Exception reports should be automatically forwarded to administration user for research correction

    Reporting Platform

    • ALL data presentation activities should be 100% automated.
    • The visual representation must be immediately and proven to be accurate or users will not use effectively OR WORSE they will use to make erroneous decisions
    • Do not use graphics that have a tendency to visually distort the facts
    • Effective presentation layer models include the capability to drill down to sufficient levels of detail to make decisions
    • Drill down enables users to understand outcomes at a higher level of accuracy
    • Visual components should be utilized whenever appropriate as most adults comprehend pictures better than raw data and tables

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